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The Pioneer Courthouse Historical Society evolved from the Pioneer Courthouse Historical Committee of the U.S. District Court of Oregon Historical Society. It is an organization of judges, court staff, lawyers, historians, architects, and exhibit designers working to preserve and provide to the public the history of Pioneer Courthouse. The Society created a comprehensive and permanent historical exhibit at the Courthouse in Portland, Oregon which was installed in 2005 during the mandated seismic upgrade of the Ninth Circuit's oldest courthouse and one of the nation's best-recognized landmark federal courthouses.

Pioneer Courthouse Historical Society Board of Directors

President: Ryan Bounds
Treasurer: Gersham Goldstein
Secretary: Kristian Roggendorf

Matthew Kalmanson
Marianne King
Hon. Erin Lagesen
Scott McCurdy
Peter Meijer
Chet Orloff
Robert Walch
Kelly Zusman

Ex Officio:
Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain
Judge Edward Leavy
Judge Susan P. Graber
United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit

For more information about the Pioneer Courthouse Historical Society, contact Robert Walch via email, or (503) 833-5305

Pioneer Courthouse restoration

Pioneer Courthouse viewed from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Tour The Courthouse

The Pioneer Courthouse is located at 700 SW 6th Avenue in Portland, Oregon 97204. It is open for self-guided tours between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays). A brochure for the self-guided tour is available from the Clerk's Office. Visitors are encouraged to bring a camera and take photos in spaces open to visitors. Spaces included in the tour are the historic lobbies, the Judges' Conference Room, the Courthouse Visitor's Center, the historic courtroom, the library, the attorney waiting area, all of the visiting judges' chambers, and the historic cupola. Some spaces are not available for viewing during weeks when court is in session.

For group tours, please contact: Robert Walch (503) 833-5305 or Dustin Mills (503) 833-5301.

Pioneer Courthouse floor plans

When visiting the courthouse, enter from NW 6th Avenue (west side of building, just across from Pioneer Courthouse Square). After going through security just inside the entry, you will be in the lobby. The maps above show in gold the areas of the courthouse open to the public, though some are not available when court is in session.

Please note, the following items will be prohibited from coming into the courthouse: Firearms | Aerosol cans | Knives of any type | Tools | Handcuffs/handcuff keys | Tape measures | Scissors | Clay and/or putty material | Razors | Glass perfume bottles over 4 oz | Box cutters | Chains | Pepper spray | Oversized belt buckles

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